Digital Video Creation for Schools

Weekly Digital Videos to Tell Your District’s Story

As school leaders continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, school closures and social distancing, they are looking at more virtual ways to reach their stakeholders and keep their parents, staff, students and community members informed. 

Digital video offers an increasingly effective way to do just that. 

Through the Donovan Group’s weekly digital video creation service for schools, you get professionally edited and produced videos on any subject relevant to your school or district. It’s an attention-grabbing and highly engaging way to share your district’s story, provide updates to your stakeholders and build greater trust in your school district community. 

The service features an efficient process that combines in-house video — usually captured by administrators or teachers using their phones — with our high-quality professional editing.

Weekly videos at a fixed monthly rate

Whether you want short videos that convey simple messages or to create more comprehensive, polished videos several minutes in length, we offer flexibility and will work with you to determine the best approach for your weekly video efforts.



1) Plan

We work with you to determine the subject and approximate length of each video. This could be a brief, 30-second video update or a longer, more comprehensive video that dives deeper into a subject.

2) Film

District staff or volunteers record video footage using a digital camera or smartphone. For example, you could record staff providing meal services, students engaged in online learning or a principal providing a quick update to your school community.

3) Upload

You upload the raw video files to a shared folder on the cloud.

4) Edit

We take your raw footage and quickly edit it into an initial version of your video. You review the initial version and provide feedback or request changes, if needed.

5) Finalize

We make any necessary changes and provide you with a final version. You can then share the video via social media and other platforms. We’ll also assist you in this effort, ensuring your video reaches your target audiences.



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