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What is Media and Relations Training?

Speaking to the media isn’t always a pleasant experience. School leaders hear stories about getting misquoted or taken out of context, and as a result, they avoid speaking to the media altogether. While it might seem scary, learning how to effectively communicate with reporters is one of the best things you can do for your district.

Take the first step by enrolling your team in media and relations training.

What is media and relations training?

Media and relations training gives school leaders, teachers and staff the tools they need to communicate effectively with the local media. Staff members can attend virtual or in-person courses covering a broad range of topics, including how to take media calls and respond appropriately to urgent situations.

These courses are designed to foster strong relationships with reporters and leverage news outlets to promote a positive image of the district.

Why does school staff need this training?

Many school leaders have at least one story about getting burned by a reporter. Because of this, they’ve come to believe that speaking to the media is scary and unnerving. But it doesn’t have to be! By developing your communication skills, the media can become a powerful ally for your district.

School leaders aren’t the only ones who benefit from media and relations training. Following an incident, reporters may reach out to teachers, staff and administrators to learn more about what happened. For this reason, everyone on your team should be trained on how to respond appropriately to reporter questions.

What topics are covered in the training?

Media and relations training covers every aspect of communicating with reporters and local news outlets. These courses offer the following:

  • Templates for responding to urgent or crisis situations
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the typical newsroom
  • Ways to develop mutually beneficial relationships
  • Tips for a successful phone, TV or radio interview

Where can I access media and relations training?

There are entire teams of communication experts dedicated to helping you successfully communicate with the media. Through media and relations training, the Donovan Group has supported countless school leaders and staff in their efforts to navigate media inquiries, foster positive relationships with reporters and use news outlets to tell their district’s story. We’re here to help you communicate better and build better relationships, one step at a time.

Speaking to the media is easier than you realize. With support from the experts, your team will be well on their way to confidently taking questions and telling reporters about all the exciting things in your community. Reach out to the Donovan Group and schedule your training today!

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