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When Should You Send a School News Release?

Talking to the media can be scary. Many school leaders avoid interactions with reporters, let alone go out of their way to send a news release. However, news releases are just as useful as any other means of communication. They help you get the word out fast, allowing your school to control the narrative, spread positivity and keep the public informed.

Controlling the narrative in difficult situations

When an incident occurs at your school, be the first to speak about it. Rather than waiting for the media to call you, take the initiative and reach out to them. Sending a news release establishes your school as the authority on what happened. You become the primary source of information, giving you more control over the narrative and leaving little room for alternative interpretations.

A number of incidents can happen at any school, whether it’s an inappropriate prank, a filed case of discrimination or a threat to students’ safety. In the news release, explain what happened without disclosing private information about involved students. Also explain what the school is doing to rectify the issue and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Newsworthy events, milestones and achievements

News doesn’t always have to be negative! News releases are a great opportunity to share all the exciting things that are happening at your school. Amid all the negativity in the news, a positive story can shed light on the good that comes from your students and staff.

For example, you could inform the public about a new foundation that honors the memory of a former student or staff member. Highlight notable achievements, too, like a team’s victory at their state championships or an educator being named Teacher of the Year.

Updates that affect the broader community

Many community members are out of the loop because they either don’t have school-aged children or aren’t employed by the district. However, school events affect everyone in some way, and a news release can help all community members stay informed.

A news release is an effective way to keep people informed. They work in a variety of contexts, whether your school needs to address an embarrassing incident or wants to celebrate a lifetime staff achievement. No matter what’s happening, show the public your school is here to tell the story.

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