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Your School’s Messaging Needs to Transcend Mediums

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” There’s a third part: it’s also about where you say it. Messaging doesn’t mean much if people don’t see it! You have the message down—now expand your communications to connect with more stakeholders.

Meet people where they are

Not every stakeholder gets information from the same place. Some might follow your school’s social media accounts, while others might rely on email or printed letters. Posting on a single medium will reach some stakeholders, but not all stakeholders. People use the mediums that work best for them, and since everybody is different, this means your community will always be spread across multiple mediums.

Schools shouldn’t post information in one place and hope stakeholders find it. Rather, they should identify which stakeholder groups use which communication mediums. That way, stakeholders don’t have to track down information—it will just come to them.

Reach a broader audience

By leveraging multi-channel communication, your school has the potential to reach many more stakeholders in the community. Communicating across multiple mediums ensures that all stakeholders have equal access to critical updates and information, regardless of which platform they use.

For example, some stakeholders might not be on social media. In this case, you would have a better chance of reaching them through emails, newsletters and website updates. Some stakeholders might not have internet access at home, making online mediums an ineffective way to communicate with this particular group. Phone calls, automated text messages and take-home letters can help these stakeholders stay in the loop.

Help stakeholders feel connected

Multi-channel strategies are about more than relaying information. They do wonders to help each individual feel like a valued part of the school community. Stakeholders appreciate it when their school makes an effort to keep them informed. It shows you care about their input, and you want them to get involved.

It’s best to communicate with everyone, whether they ask for it or not. Many stakeholders who want more communication might not feel comfortable speaking up about it. For others, your communication efforts could spark a desire to participate in school events, elections and programs. Multi-channel communication invites people to stay connected with your school and all of its initiatives.

As the new year gains momentum, take a moment to assess your current communication strategy. Are you reaching all stakeholders equally? If not, it’s time to branch out and try new mediums. Prioritize multi-channel communication in 2024!

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